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For The Home

  1. Keep your doors and windows locked.
  2. Keep your lawn neat and your landscape trimmed.
  3. Leave your front light on at night or install motion sensor lights.Y
  4. our front door should be a solid core (not hollow).
  5. Keep garage doors closed.
  6. Don't use the mailbox in front of your home to mail bills with checks in them. Thieves are stealing the mail and rewriting the checks.
  7. When you move, re-key the locks of your new home.
  8. Do not hide keys in obvious places such as under the mat or on top of a doorframe.
  9. Use you peep hole before opening a door.
  10. Do not allow visitors such as utilities employees unless they have proper identification and you have verified it with the company before allowing them to enter.
  11. Disable and lock your trailer so it can not be easily moved.
  12. Lock and secure bicycles when parked, even when in a garage.
  13. Lock up your lawn equipment such as lawnmowers, trimmers in a secured area.Lock and secure all firearms out of sight in a locked cabinet. Store ammunition separately.