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Water and Sewer


The City of Bogalusa provides fresh, high quality drinking water from a system of deep wells (approximately 1500 feet deep).  There are seven deep wells and a series of  tanks and pumping stations.  Water is chlorinated at each well site.  The water we drink in Bogalusa comes from the Amite Aquifer.

The City of Bogalusa serves over 5,000 accounts.  The water used by each account is measured by a meter like the one pictured here.  Water flowing through the meter causes the numbers to change and the small red star shaped dial to turn.  The faster the small dial is moving the more water is flowing through the meter.  Readings from the meters are transmitted to the water system server in City Hall. 

You can keep track of your own usage by recording the numbers on the dial and comparing them to a reading taken at a later date.  The basic unit of measure is 100 gallons, so you must add two zeros to the number on the dial.  If you think you may have a leak, you can contact the water department and ask them to look at a graph of your usage.


The City of Bogalusa collects sewerage through a series of lines assisted by lift and pump stations.  The sewerage is treated in a state of the art facility that operates 24 hours a day. 

Each house should have a clean out valve like the one pictured below.  This is so that the pipes can be reached easily in case of a blockage.  The cap should always be on the valve to prevent rainwater from entering the sewer line.  Rainwater will increase the flow through the treatment plant and will add to the volume being treated.  This costs more money for chemicals and utilities and increases wear and tear on the equipment.

Service set up and disconnect:
  • Water is based on size of line required.
  • Sewer tap is $250.00