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Building a Better BogalusaMISSION

The City of Bogalusa is dedicated to the primary mission of Financial Reporting - to provide accurate and timely reporting of City financial matters to the appropriate internal and external authority. The Office of Administration and Finance is responsible for managing the overall accounting, treasury, financial reporting and financial services operations of the City of Bogalusa. This includes managing internal controls to mitigate risk; creating and presenting financial status and financial condition reports to internal and external parties, ensuring that the official accounting records of the City are up-to-date and accurate; safeguarding the assets of the City to minimize risk of financial loss; and developing and maintaining useful costing systems and reporting tools to provide high-quality financial information that supports the City of Bogalusa's strategic management initiatives.

General provisions.


All departments, offices and agencies shall be under the direction and supervision of the mayor, except as otherwise provided by this charter.

The salaries of the city attorney and directors of departments appointed by the mayor shall be set by the mayor subject to approval of the council. The salary of any employee of the city directly appointed by the council shall be fixed by the council.

City attorney.
The city attorney shall be appointed by the mayor, subject to confirmation by the council, and shall serve at the pleasure of the mayor. The city attorney shall be an attorney licensed to practice in the courts of Louisiana with at least five (5) years' experience in the practice of law.

The city attorney shall serve as chief legal advisor to the mayor, council and all departments, offices and agencies, shall represent the city in all legal proceedings except for criminal matters prosecuted by the city and shall perform any other duties prescribed by this charter or by ordinance.

Any assistant city attorneys authorized by the council shall be appointed by the city attorney and serve at the pleasure of the city attorney.

No special legal counsel shall be employed by the city except by written contract and approval of the council.


Department of administration.
The head of the department of administration shall be the director of administration who shall be appointed by the mayor, subject to confirmation by the council, and shall serve at the pleasure of the mayor. The director of administration, at the time of appointment, shall have at least a bachelor's degree in business administration, accounting or public administration from an accredited college or university and at least two (2) years' experience in a responsible managerial or administrative fiscal position, or at least six (6) years' experience in a responsible managerial or administrative fiscal position.

Duties of the director of administration shall be as follows:

Collect and have custody of all monies of the city from whatever source.

Assist the mayor in the preparation of the operating budget and capital improvement program.

Maintain a record of indebtedness and have charge of the payment of the principal and interest on such indebtedness.

Ascertain that funds are available for payment of all contracts, purchase orders and any other documents which incur financial obligation for the city, and that such documents are in accordance with established procedures.

Disburse all funds from the city treasury.

Administer a uniform central accounting system for all city departments using nationally accepted standards where applicable.

Prepare a monthly statement of revenues and expenditures to show the financial condition of the city.

Procure all personal property, materials, supplies and services required by the city under a central purchasing system for all departments in accordance with applicable state law, council policy and administrative requirements.

Coordinate, direct and be responsible for preparing all intergovernmental grant applications on behalf of the city and keeping city departments, offices and agencies informed of all relevant local, state and federal programs.

Maintain an inventory of all city property, real and personal.

Perform billing and collection for city-owned utilities.

Provide data processing administration.

Coordinate planning activities.

Provide general administrative services.

Do and perform such other actions as may be directed by the mayor.



Policies and procedures that apply to activities which take place within this department have been established and are currently being utilized in the City of Bogalusa Administration and Accounting Department. The policies and procedures apply to all employees of the City of Bogalusa Administration and Accounting Department, and any other individuals assisting within the department.


Function: The Administration-Finance Department collects all moneys in the City from all sources and maintains the records there from. The department also maintains a uniform central accounting system in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. In addition, the department is responsible for disbursing all funds from the City treasury, preparing monthly financial statements, and payroll. The staff assists the Mayor in preparing the annual operating budget and provides necessary information to the Mayor for the purpose of helping the Mayor to make informed decisions and recommendations to the Council. The department performs such other duties as may be required by the Mayor.

Payments for property taxes and City utility services (water, sewer, and sanitation) can be mailed to or paid at City Hall located on 214 Arkansas Street in Bogalusa. Payments are also offered to credit card users for utility services at a cost of 2.95% of the payment amount, with a $1.50 minimum fee, per transaction. Credit card payments for all City services is under construction.

New issuance and renewal of occupational licenses takes place here, also.

Sales/use taxes are collected by the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office and remitted to the City weekly. New businesses can apply directly to the Sheriff's Office at 985-839-3434 or the City at 985-732-6211 for more information on registration to collect and remit sales/use taxes.

This department oversees the control and management of the central purchasing and warehouse system.

All financial records and contracts are maintained in this department, as well as managing debt service requirements.